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What can you expect when you are trained by me? Compassion, commitment and consistency! You are important and so are your goals! Are you a confused beginner, not sure where to start, overwhelmed with an overload of information, nervous and struggling with the voice of fear? Perhaps you're already experienced and have been training for a while but don't seem to be achieving the results you really want? Or are you ahead of the game, so far ahead that you're starting to lose motivation and need new ideas, inspiration or accountability?


I come from a place of empathy. I understand the struggles, I want to understand you and help you overcome yours.

Over the past 12 years I have transformed my life from a morbidly obese (somewhat negative) and confused "yoyo" dieter to a competitive athlete, nutrition coach and personal trainer. I have learned a variety of invaluable methods that are proven to maintain a healthy balance and I thrive helping others to discover how they can achieve success too.

WHO - When I'm not running bootcamps or personal training, I like to ride my mountain bike, run, hike and of course throw a few barbells around. Married to my soul mate James, lucky mum to two crazy girls. We love traveling and feel grateful to be living in the south of Spain.


As a qualified & insured Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I take a consultancy style, detailed and personalised approach to discover and understand you. Your success is critical to me, I am an investment in your future. Together as a team we will look at the emotional and physical journey. We will discover new skills, build on old ones and create sustainable habits.

QUALIFICATIONS - I am a REPs accredited Level 3 Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and diverse nutrition coach. I have separate certificates for Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Circuit Training, Bootcamps, Kettlebells and SMT (TRX)


Taking on a Personal Trainer, is an investment in your future. You are taking on an expert. This takes away the guesswork and unknown. I will give you focus, direction accountability and support. Coupled with your hard work we will get you the results you deserve.

WHERE - You'll find me most mornings in the idyllic village of Benahavis. I use the beautiful Parque Leonora for my weekly fitness classes, the rugged mountains for Compete Force bootcamps and my private studio for Personal Training. Thanks to Trainerize and the internet, I'm able to coach clients around the world, wherever you are, get in touch.

Shaun Baruzi

I used to skip past all the posts on Facebook where people showed miracle changes in their minds and bodies, and talked about their journey, how they changed their life with small steps, you know the ones right?

But one day I looked at myself in the mirror, and couldn’t recognise the person I once was. It was then I decided to take the step and reach out to someone, and I am so glad It was Natalie who I decided to speak to.

Natalie kick started “my Journey” over a period of 3 months, giving me clear and simple eating advice, fantastic personal training, and most importantly a real belief that I could change, and that, that change would last!

She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and gives you the push you need to take hold of your life and make the changes that are necessary.

1 year down the line, 23kg lighter, over 6 inches off the waist, I am now training 5 days a week, and loving it! And what’s more important, is that Natalie didn’t stop when the 3 months ended, we talk together all the time, and now train as friends and equals, so the support and encouragement carries on to help me smash my goals!

You are never too fat, too old or too unfit to make a change, you just need the right person coaching you.

Literally a life changer!


Thanks Nat x




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