Alison Dias

Photographer at BlueBerry Kids Photography

Nickname: Ali

Age: 43

Where in the world: Bristol, UK (Now living in Spain).

Exercise Experience: "I've been attending Natalie's Boot Camps since the beginning. Before that some Yoga and I love to walk."

Fitness Goals: "To tone up, gain more energy and feel stronger."


Favourite Movement or Workout: "They all totally exhaust me.... Love the stretching at the end when I know I am still alive and have made it through!".

Bio:"My name is Alison Dias and before I started with Natalie’s boot camps, I can confidently say, I never pushed myself to exercise regularly & properly. I live with a chronic illness and this made me scared of pushing myself too much. I often felt fatigued & energy less and was convinced regular exercise would make me feel worse. I just didn’t think it was for me. Of course I was wrong. I now know how much I can do, have gained confidence in myself and feel fitter and much stronger. I think I will always have body confidence issues, but before the boot camps, I used to dread going to the beach and having to wear a swimsuit…now, I feel ok with it…and I’m happy with that!"

What have you discovered about yourself? "That I feel better in myself whilst I am exercising regularly. Definitely have better body confidence & energy, & when I think I cant do something…I actually can, at my own pace. I’m not falling apart...yet!"