Does this sound like you?

You've lost your identity and don't feel like yourself anymore.

You're struggling to find the balance between eating food you enjoy and reaching your goals.​

You're feeling overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information on diets, exercise or nutrition?

You just want to work on your health and nutrition but struggle to break the 'bad habits?

If you answered 'YES' to one or more of those questions, then I can help you with a choice of the following solutions.



Nutrition Coaching is not a diet, it is similar to a fitness session, except it's for your food behaviour and habits, nothing is banned. You can choose between 1-2-1 coaching like Personal Training or a group setting (more like a fitness class) working in a friendly community environment alongside others and the cost is lower. Coaching focuses on mindset, goal setting, knowledge bombs, personal growth and accomplishments.


Science backed - educational video content, a personalised nutrition guide, optional worksheets, video meetings and recipes are delivered via a fully integrated, easy to use APP available on iPhone and Android devices.


Working with a coach will help you get to your goals more effectively, remove the confusion and guesswork (saving you energy), give you accountability, reduce the need to buy pointless supplements (saving you money) and allow you more time to enjoy your results.

As a certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, I help simplify food & fitness by removing the confusion and showing my clients how to work with their current behaviour and habits to make real change possible, simple, and enjoyable. The consequence of good nutrition is improved quality of life, more energy, better focus, and of course a more desirable body composition. 

Having proudly lost a whopping 40kg myself and dropped 8 dress sizes I understand the frustrations experienced when trying to lose weight (you can read more about my story here).


What's impacted my life the most, is not the weight loss but the lust I now have for life, my physical and mental strength has skyrocketed, I'm energised, enthusiastic, focused and have a thirst for helping other people (just like me) discover how good the body and mind are designed to feel.

As a working mum of 2 girls, I understand the obstacles faced juggling the stresses of the work/life balance. The process I help my clients follow includes the flexibility needed to eat well, feel amazing and enjoy life to the full.

I offer different options to fit all budgets, if you're ready to drop the FAD diets and start living a life that doesn't insist on counting calories, banning food groups or starving yourself contact me today to arrange a free consultation to see which coaching package is best for you.



Fitness Coaching is empowering, learning to move well, having fun and building confidence is key in my approach to fitness. Physical movement is an investment in our bodies tomorrow. I use a combination of core, mobility, functional fitness and cardio in the style of my workouts to improve strength, flexibility, muscle tone and speed up fat-loss.

I offer 1-2-1 sessions in a private studio setting and remote coaching through online video demonstrations. I have group based programs to mix and match with the nutrition packages and I also offer bespoke programming. All workouts are delivered, tracked and recorded via a fully integrated, easy to use APP available on iPhone and Android devices.

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"It's never too late to be what you might have been"

 - George Eliot


MINDSET - Working on internal motivators, together we create a solid foundation from which to build, increase confidence with your personal goals using tools for positive self-awareness with a view of what really needs to change.


EDUCATION - Clear and concise personalised information on how to implement the right types and quantities of food and exercise needed in order to reach your goals in a sustainable, enjoyable and healthy way. 



PERFORMANCE - Good nutrition positively impacts your health and wellbeing. Enjoy the benefits of fuelling a lifestyle where you look and perform at your best, it's not just how we move and eat, how we sleep, recover and work are included too. I take an holistic approach to everything in your environment.


TECHNOLOGYI use a fully integrated app too centralise all resources, for communication, preparation, continual progress videos, nutrition guides, habit tracking, workouts and measurement of success.

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