Ilse VanGough

SuperChef and potato sack squatter.

Name/Nickname: Ilse


Age: 41


Where in the World: Dutchie living in the South of Spain


Exercise Experience: 2 years training mostly with Natalie


Fitness Goals: Stress Relief, Getting Strong, and Boosting my Self Esteem.


Favourite Movement or Workout: "I love " the Manmaker" and Deadlifts, also wallballs make me happy and out of breath!"


What have you discovered about yourself? "That I enjoy working out so much more than I always thought. It makes me relaxed, happy and proud of myself. I have a very stressful job in a busy kitchen and this is a perfect way to get my endorphins up... Since i started training i feel so much better about myself and my body. When I started I couldn't do 3 situps, and a few weeks ago I managed to do a hundred, that's something I never expected I could do! I live in Spain for already 15 years with my partner and my beautiful boy who is almost 8. I am superhappy that I discovered such a wonderful bunch of people to train with in a perfect setting this park surrounded by the beautiful mountains of benahavis.

Natalie really helps me to make the most out of the workout and always pushes me, am super thankful for that, she is a great soul."


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