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How I began and how I can help you! 

I'll never forget that day, the day I first saw that photo of myself on the rock, I didn't recognise the person staring back at me (my heart literally sank), I'd lost my identity. An underachieve thyroid, sedentary lifestyle, working long hours in a highly stressful corporate environment, constantly exhausted an unexpected pregnancy and a secure relationship had created an influx of behaviours and habits that had my weight sky-rocket out of control and I was weighing-in at over 100kg. 

With a wedding proposal and motivation to lose weight my quest for the perfect diet began, initially the weight dropped off, but it became increasingly challenging, I jumped from one FAD diet to another, never able to sustain the rules and restrictions.

When I finally worked on my habits and behaviour, learning to eat the right portions of foods and exercise in a way that was enjoyable, the game changed! Over the past 7 years I have maintained the weight-loss, improved my physical and mental health, enhanced my professional development and no longer feel shackled by dieting. I feel energised, empowered and enabled to live a life I once thought was beyond my reach. I've discovered what I thought was impossible is more than possible, we all have it within us to achieve whatever it is we really want (and I don't just mean a physical transformation).

5 years ago I decided to find out the science behind fat-loss and nutrition and have studied the mind, body, exercise and nutrition extensively.

I understand how it feels to pursue the journey and succeed, it's not just about what we eat and how we move, it's about mindset, behaviour and habits too! 


I am a certified and insured Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with a strong background in recruitment and employment. My aim is to help my clients achieve their health, wellness and performance goals by identifying who they are and how they want to feel through a holistic approach to exercise and nutrition.

Watch the 12 min TEDx Video 
"Designed to Fail"

In 2019 I was given the opportunity to speak at a TEDx authorised event. 

This 12 minute video explains how by learning from my mistakes, not just with my health and fitness but with launching a successful career (despite being turned down at interviews).


It will give you an overview of how I have transformed my life from living on the brink in one of the roughest estates in Birmingham, to building a 6 figure recruitment business and then diversifying my lifestyle and career to become an elite fitness and performance coach.

Mindset is everything.

"Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." -- Joshua Marine

Let me show you how to overcome yours.