4 Simple Steps to Meal Prep Magic!

How can you navigate through those curve balls in the week that aim to derail your nutrition success? A little forward planning, can save you money, time and stress..

What's On Your Menu?

  • Take a moment to look ahead at your upcoming week, where are you most busy or have more time? When will you need something quick to hand. When are you out or when do you have guests?

  • What are yours and your families weekly "go to" favourites? Making a note of ideas or preferences for the weeks meals, including suggestions from the kids, helps to focus on what you will be reaching for. Sure you might change your mind so having a few choices or being flexible with your plan will help. Putting aside 5 minutes to visualise the week ahead could save you hours of extra shopping, last minute cooking and prepping.

  • Look at the key ingredients, do you see a trend or particular foods reappearing, what flavours or spices could you quickly add to change those choices into something similar? Make it about everyone, let everyone in your house have a voice, giving the kids a meal to choose gives you more negotiating power with what you would like them to try. Need some recipe inspiration? Download the free eBook here.

Shop For Your Ingredients!

  • Set yourself a budget! How much do you want to spend on your weekly shopping bill? Check out these ideas on 7 ways to save.

  • Look through your menu ideas, what do you already have in your cupboards or fridge? What do you need to buy, are there bulk items that you need to buy for more than one meal or portion? What about snacks for those busier days?

  • Take the list with you or shop online to avoid picking up items not on your list.

Cook and Prep In Bulk!

  • Set aside foods that demand more time to cook like chicken, roasted veggies, quinoa, Bolognese or ragu sauce.

  • Use a food processor for grating, shredding, dicing and slicing veggies, onions and cheese.

  • Portion and pack into clear containers that are easy to access in your fridge or freezer, make sure you secure lids and allow to cool thoroughly.

  • Make breakfasts a breeze by preparing overnight oats, slow cooker porridge or boiled eggs the night before.

Mix and Match, Serve and Eat.

  • With the foods you have prepared in your fridge, take out what you need and reheat throughly in your favourite combinations. Chicken works well with a stir fry, curry, risotto, wraps, soups or salads.

  • Dry spices can take a chicken breast around the world from Mexican fajitas, Spanish paella, Jamaican Jerk, Portuguese Piri Piri, Chinese 5 spice and Italian Oregano.

  • Keep your portion sizes relative to your goals, savour your meal until you are satisfied, not stuffed.

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