5 Healthy Higher Protein Breakfasts - For The Win!

Protein is the most essential macro nutrient and is an important part of a healthy diet! Why? Well if we think about our bodies and the need for continuous maintenance our hair, nails, skin, muscles in fact every single cell cannot grow or repair without protein. Protein in our diet is like a really good maintenance man on your home (like George Clooney, naked with a tool belt). It's an investment in good upkeep. No point pumping heating into a house with no windows, heating is energy - carbs are energy (more on that in a future post).

Overnight Oats, made the night before keeps busy mornings stress free! - Add a scoop of your favourite protein powder for an extra protein boost.

Protein is most densely found in foods like meat, fish and eggs. All foods contain an element of protein. Yes even broccoli, asparagus, chickpeas, lentils and legumes have an element of protein, but they are higher in carbohydrates, therefore they are categorised by that, carbs. We need carbs too, carbs aren't bad but this is about protein and I'm trying to encourage you to take a closure look at where you might need to make beneficial changes.

Egg Muffins are a winner for breakfast and lunch! Just chop and chuck your favourite ingredients in a muffin tin, top with one beaten egg each and you're good to go!

Protein is essential for muscle growth to get that "toned" look, it will make you feel fuller for longer, keep cravings and the urge to snack away. Improve sports recovery, help your hair and nails grown longer and play a major part in helping to tighten loose skin (Yes really).

Plant based or Vegan? No problem, we can get lots of protein from veggies and beans too!

How much you need depends on you, your lifestyle, activity levels and ultimate goals. This is why what works for our "mates" doesn't always work for us.. If your goal is fat-loss and "toning" and you take part in sports or fitness your protein needs may need to be reviewed.

Simple, fast and effective! Scrambled eggs are win win for a protein packed start to the day!

To know if you're eating enough protein, review your day as a whole. Do each of your 3 main meals contain a palm sized amount of protein? That's roughly 100g. You can asses this by taking photo's of your main meals and looking back through them at the end of the day, spot the differences, what's missing, how can you add more?

Smoothie Bowls! Great for a weekend indulgence or afternoon snack too!

If you find breakfast seems to be the odd one out, you can increase your overall daily protein intake through one of these healthy higher protein breakfasts.

To access the free downloadable recipe ebook for more higher protein breakfast ideas, click here or on any of the photo's. Got a favourite higher protein breakfast? Share it in the comments below.

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