5 Tips on How To Stay Motivated Working Out At Home..

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Do you ever start the week off with the best of intentions, but the days seem to slide into darkness and before you know it, you've lost the will, Netflix and Chill is calling and you're back to the weekend?

I've been training exclusivily at home for 3 years, staying motivated can be tough! But it is totally possible and can lead to the best results, consistency, save you money and overall take less time than travelling out to a gym. With lockdowns and winter, forcing us to workout at home, I've put together my top tips to help you stay active.

1 - Plan To Succeed.

Invest in a workout program! Knowing what you will be doing is half the battle, you don't need to spend a fortune, either. You can easily access free bodyweight workouts here or pretty much anywhere through google or you can invest in a goal specific programme that's designed specifically for you, with what kit you have available. Having a program to follow means you know exactly what you will be doing, saving you time to guess or allowing excuses to fester. Once you know what you're doing use an electronic diary with reminders and commit to a time that you are willing to do the workout.

2 - Make Space To Move

Whether you live in a shoe box or a mansion, create a space with the intention of making it your "go to" place for a workout. Whether you push back your sofa, clear out a spare room or make use of a garage or garden, give a little love to where you will be working out. Move any possible breakables or distractions, add a mat or rug to soften the floor. Keep it fresh clean and ready for your next planned session. If you can invest in some basic, space saving kit like a skipping rope, sandbag or TRX your workouts will have more variety whilst not breaking the bank.

3 - Dress For Success

Well I wasn't expecting you to put on a pair of heels and an LBD... But choosing your gym kit and laying it out the night before, is a sure way to make sure you nail your session! Setting out the right shoes, pants and supportive bra to match your workout. Leaving what you're going to wear until the last minute, with a bra that will leave your boobs giving you black eyes is not going to motivate you to give it your all. Wear something that will inspire you to give 100% to your workout and feel your best.

4 - Music Is The Answer

Putting together a banging playlist full of your favourite, amped up tracks is a guaranteed way to smash your workouts. If you want to save time or have no idea of what tracks to put together, you can use an app like Apple Music or Spotify to search for the genre of music you like best. Over at the Benahavis Bootcamp we use the dance and house workout selection from Apple Music, awesome tunes, every time!

5 - Food Is Fuel

What we eat and drink will either drive us or drain us. Choosing a nutrient dense breakfast or post workout shake for recovery is the secret to sustaining your exercise energy, seeing results and feeling your best. Not sure what to eat? I've got you covered, you can download my recipe ebook for free here. It's full of easy to prepare, family friendly, tasty dishes from snacks to dinners, smoothies, sides and everything inbetween.

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