Fatty Natty..

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

I wasn't always into sport, though my mum did try.. Truth is, I spent most of my youth on some kind of diet (well it was the 80's) there was plenty of different ones to try and that trend doesn't seem to have stopped, does it?

My first diet was a "low fat" diet, my mum was worried I'd be bullied at secondary school for being a big girl and in a bid to help me shed some timber, she rounded up my friends in support of a super mission to get me shredded... Well it worked (for a short time at least) then before I hit my teens I was back on the wagon with "slim fast", followed by the 'cabbage soup diet' with my next door neighbour and for as far back as I can remember there was always a diet (of some kind) doing the rounds.. It's fair to say I've tried them all, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, low fat, high fat, low carb, no carb, atkins, dukan, keto the most successful of all being calorie counting but I could never sustain the low numbers recommended by MyFitnessPal.

Fast forward to now and I no longer follow any diets, track calories or obsessively weigh myself everyday (yes that was a morning ritual for a long, long time too).

How? How did all that change?

Well a serial dieter does not an expert make, so I got qualified, I learned the truth, I filled in the gaps and stopped chasing the fad. What works for our friends isn't necessarily right for us, it's rare our friends are experts on nutrition either (surprisingly)...

I found my puzzle pieces and I want to help you find yours.

*Photo was taken circa 1988 in Ibiza, with my Dad and sister. Not sure which is worse the velour play-suit or fringe!

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