Living La Vida Lockdown

Last week I dismissed my 12 year olds comments about COVID19 with a reassuring smile and motherly “we don’t need to worry about the Coronavirus“. Fast forward 72hours and I’m in my gym thinking about my bootcampers and how they can make a Kettlebell to keep their workouts effective and entertaining, whilst under lockdown here in Spain.

You couldn’t make this up, it’s like a surreal thriller. Housebound unless a critical emergency, facing fines of €6,000 if caught out of the house, in pairs means smuggling the kettlebells out to my neighbours might be a risky move.

How To Make A Homemade KettleBell.

•Fill a recyclable plastic carry bag with an appropriate weight of rice, chickpeas, sugar or other long life items.

•Securely fasten and place inside another Plastic bag with a knot.

•Using proper technique, swing with both hands, single hands, deadlift or squat.

Needs must and at times like this, a bag of rice is a valuable commodity for more reason than one. After all we stay fit to make carrying the shopping bags easier right? So now you have your kettlebell, you might want a few ideas of workouts to follow? Workouts designed to see you progress, 1-2-1 support, track results, stay accountable all delivered by my food and fitness app daily for only £24.99 Sign up here for the Kettlebell at home program.

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