Plus size bride..

He asked I said yes! Looking back at this photo in 2008 (from our trip to NYC) I didn’t recognise myself. It wasn’t the person I saw in the mirror and it wasn’t the person I wanted to see in my wedding photos.

The thought of being a plus size bride made me question how this had happened, my weight had “YoYo’d” for years but I was at my biggest! How had I gained so much weight and not even been conscious of it?

I’d been in denial, my sisters voice flooded my head, she’d been trying to help for a while (I hadn’t seen it that way)... I hid behind a pile of excuses, my thyroid, my pregnancy and breastfeeding..

Honestly the truth was, I was eating and drinking around 3,500 calories a day and did zero exercise....

How had I ended up here? Sure I’d always struggled with my weight, years in the corporate rat race, working long hours, drinking every night and eating for convenience had caught up with me. That with giving up smoking and quite literally eating for two during my pregnancy and beyond had seen my weight sore up over 100kg!

Following a heart scare, pains in my chest and a trip to hospital I knew something had to change..

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