Thyroid Hell!

Let me just take a step back a minute, before going through the highs and lows of what became a “dieting rollercoaster” let me confront some of my excuses (I hid behind a few). It wasn’t just my weight that had been crazy inconsistent, it was my mind too.

Somedays were pure hell and back in my early 20’s getting out of bed was a mission! Mood swings, irrational behaviour and dark thoughts lead to being prescribed anti-depressants at only 21 years old! The drugs never worked, I knew I wasn’t depressed (I mean really, ok so I was living in a high rise council flat in the (dodgy) centre of Birmingham, but I had a great group of friends a secure job and really that kind of independence was liberating).

At yet another trip to the doctors I pushed to find out more. Finally by the time I was 24 I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid. I remember thinking “what the hell is a thyroid?”

The Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in the middle of your neck by your windpipe. It’s the mastermind behind your metabolism, if it ain’t working neither are you! In a nutshell your thyroid controls your core body temperature, your moods, energy, and ability to lose and gain weight. Undetected it’s the no’1 reason why you’ll not lose weight despite tracking a calorie deficit (more about calories later). It’s also part of a collection of autoimmune conditions which can effect other aspects of your health. If you suspect you have an under or overactive thyroid - Go get it checked out!

It’s not uncommon though, so you might be sitting there, reading this, nodding your head (pitifully) that you’re struggling to shift some timber.. Get medicated, get some solid diet advice (key foods and their micronutrients will help and hinder your efforts) now watch the kilos come off!

This discovery was a massive turning point in my life, to the point I literally woke up one morning with a different mind, I wanted a change, I wanted a career, I wanted more for myself!

Feeling motivated I set off to create a CV and canvass myself looking for a role as a trainee recruiter. With my excuse to gain weight in my back pocket, the bad habits had already begun.

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